Art by Tolpo Bader
Fine Art Portraits by Ti Tolpo Bader

     In Acrylic Paints or India Ink

About  the Artist

Ti Tolpo Bader 
Born to a family of professional fine artists.  
She loves the challenge of the blank canvas or paper and enjoys the interacting with patrons  
delighting  in revealing the inner-self through working with figurative and facial expressions.  She believes there is a therapeutic value in her portraits.

Landscapes were influenced at an early age
by annual three-month long family camping/ 
painting trips to Yellowstone and other 
National Parks.

Ti’s formative years were in the Mid-West.  
Later, she lived on the Eastern Seaboard  
and has now returned to the heart of the
glorious Rocky Mountains.

Ti  {Tee}, as she likes to be called,
brings over forty active years
of studio experience to your special portraits.  She has created
commissioned art for patrons throughout the U.S.A. and  Europe.   

Exhibiting six times a year in the Denver area, her studio is located in the heart of the Rockies, about 50 miles from Denver.

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