Art by Tolpo Bader
Fine Art Portraits by Ti Tolpo Bader

     In Acrylic Paints or India Ink

Other Tolpo Artists

Sculptor/Painter/Portraitist/ Designer 
Lily Tolpo, wife of Carl Tolpo, has her Tolpo Fine Art Studios 
and Gallery located in the rolling hills of Jo Daviess county 
in Illinois.  

Her art is in many private collections and public sites 
including the Lincoln and Douglas in Debate Statue located
in Freeport Illinois.  Reproductions are available including
a sculpture series of Great Americans.
                         Inquire at:  [email protected] 


                                  Carolyn Tolpo Smith’s studio
                                   is located in beautiful Hawaii 
                                       Visit her website at:    

Pottery/Metal Sculpture/Jewelry/Painting
                      Wrapped Fiber-art/Ceramic Art 
Since 1981 this husband and wife team….Vince Tolpo & Carolyn Lee Tolpo…..have created site-specific wrapped Fiber-Art and Sculpture for public, corporate, and residential spaces. Their Pottery, Jewelry and paintings are also in collections throughout the U.S.A.
Their Shawnee Mountain Gallery is located 38 miles S.W. of Denver, 55918 US Hwy 285, in Colorado Mountain country.  


Carl Tolpo (1901-1976) settled with his wife Lily in Northwestern Illinois.  His career included numerous official portraits and sculptures including a Heroic Head of  President Abraham Lincoln at the Ford’s Theater in Washington,  DC and Waukegan, IL, as well as, a Heroic Size Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen on the Capitol Grounds in Springfield, Illinois.

Every summer Carl, Lily and their children, Ti, Vince and Carolyn, would go on camping and painting trips to Yellowstone and other National Parks of the American West.               

Reproductions of his paintings have been sold since 1939.  The last painting of Yellowstone he painted on site is the largest ever done 
9’x 16′.   
Limited reproductions are available of  Abraham Lincoln.

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