Art by Tolpo Bader
Fine Art Portraits by Ti Tolpo Bader

     In Acrylic Paints or India Ink

Canine Portraits
                                                      Such as:

A Canine portrait with a Child  or an Adult  –  Memorial
 pet portrait- a Biographical  portrait of  various life stages 
or a Canine portrait with other Family Pets can be created 
on canvas with Acrylic paints or with India ink on French archival hot-pressed 140lb paper.  Family photos, new, old, 
even damaged can be used for reference.  A subject can be 
taken from a group photo or a single photo.  Also, separate photos can be combined  to create a painting of an individual or a family portrait.

Copies of photos made on a digital or color copier….original size….are 

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