Art by Tolpo Bader
Fine Art Portraits by Ti Tolpo Bader

     In Acrylic Paints or India Ink


Black & White … $1.60 per sq inch
           Black -White – Sepia… $1.65 per sq inch

All portraits are done on acid-free archival 140lb hot-pressed paper using waterproof permanent inks and are mounted with archival matting and backing…. ready for framing

Color…… Acrylic paints on stretched canvas

 $1.75 per sq inch
                         Starting size… 12″x 16″

Additional charges for props, intricate clothing or complex background to 
       be quoted upon seeing photos or copies thereof.

 Landscapes ..from the artist’s travels or from your favorite photos
                    Acrylic on canvas or archival canvas board
                                                      $1.55 per sq inch

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