Art by Tolpo Bader
Fine Art Portraits by Ti Tolpo Bader

     In Acrylic Paints or India Ink


What kind of photos are used for reference?

For Adults and Children

1… Look for clarity {small clear photos are better than big fuzzy ones.}
2… Choose photos in which the subject is fairly close {no distant shots}.

3… Look for photos with a characteristic pose and expression.

4… Choose photos that give information on head shape, hair, eyes and

5… Use photos with contrasting background so the hair, head and body 
      shapes are not lost in the picture.

If you have a single photo with that information, send it.  Otherwise, I take information from separate photos {hair, clothing, eyes, coloring} and combine them to create a portrait of an individual or I combine the best photo of each individual to create a Family portrait… a portrait of several generations……Biographical or Then & Now portraits.  

For Pets & Horses

1… Pick photos for clarity … not distant shots… look for one with a  
      characteristic pose or expression

2… Choose photos with coloring, fur markings and eye color.
3… Make sure to have contrasting background so the body outline is 
      not lost in the picture.

4…Photos taken at pet eye level are best
If you have a single photos with this information, send it.  I can combine separate photos to create a portrait of your pet or use the best photo of each pet and yourself to create a family portrait.

Copies of photos in the original size scanned on a professional color copier are accepted …small and clear are better than big & fuzzy.

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